Grizzly bears are some of the world’s most expensive animals to provide a home for.

Brutus eats 40 – 50 pounds of food per day.  In the fall as his appetite increases even more to 70 – 80 pounds per day as he puts on weight for the cold winter months ahead.  Providing food for our five hungry rescued bears is a constant challenge.

The hibernation that wild bears must endure takes a toll on their bodies as they go without food or water for months.   We feed our bears all year round and as a result they remain active and content throughout even the coldest Montana months.   In order to do this besides food we must also provide enough heat for them to keep their water supply from freezing.  We also keep our bears healthy with veterinary care whenever needed.  You can imagine how expensive a check-up for a grizzly bear might cost!  But at Montana Grizzly Encounter we feel that every bit of love and care is well worth it.  In the wild grizzly bears live on average 20 – 25 years.  Sheena our oldest rescued grizzly is 29 years old and still happy and going strong.


Please help support Montana Grizzly Encounter!

Montana Grizzly Encounter receives no government funding. Without YOUR support, Montana Grizzly Encounter could not survive and grow.  We need your help to continue to provide a great home for rescued grizzly bears and to work to insure that grizzly bears continue to live in the wild.  Donations to Montana Grizzly Encounter are not tax-deductible.

As an educational, Grizzly Bear Rescue Sanctuary, Montana Grizzly Encounter appreciates the support it receives from its patrons whether it’s in the form of monetary donations or donated goods. If you wish to donate materials, please take a look at the following wishlists for things that are currently needed:

Specialty Items/Services:

  • Winter Snow Plowing Services
  • Winter Pet Friendly Ice Melt
  • Snow Blower
  • 1Ton Pickup Truck
  • 36″+ TV for Educational Video Playback
  • Window 7 Pro Laptops 2x (ie: Toshiba Satelitte)


Regularly Needed Items:

  1. Bear Food
    • Processed Game Meat
    • Apples, Oranges/Grapefruit, Grapes, Pears, Avacados, Melons
    • Berries (black, blue, huckleberries, rasberries, NOT Stawberries)
    • Carrots, Sweet Pototatoes, Corn, Leaf Lettuce
    • Trail Mix & Any Dried Fruit
  2. Blankets
  3. Simple Green Soap or other non-toxic, eco-friendly soap for den cleaning
  4. Garden Hoses
  5. Squeegies
  6. Large Push Brooms
  7. Extension Outdoor Heavy Duty Cords
  8. Rakes, Shovels
  9. Kitchen Trash Bags (tall)
  10. Paper Towels

If you see something on this list that you would like to donate, or if you would like to donate something that is not on these lists, please contact Montana Grizzly Encounter via phone at (406) 586-8893 or via this sites Contact page found on the menu above. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Montana Grizzly Encounter would like to thank those folks who have and continue to support us by asking you to support them:

Name: IGA : Lee & Dads (Belgrade,MT)
Provided: Donated Meat & Produce for the Bears
Website: or Lee & Dad’s Facebook
Phone: (406) 388-4116
Name: Hendricks Boardsbg_header-mge
Provided: Donations
Phone: (714) 988-4200
Name: YellowStone Country Motors
Provided: Donated Truck Rental (877) 835-7597
Phone: (877) 835-7597
Name: T&E CAT Rental Store
Provided: Donated Heavy Equipment Rental
Phone: (406) 585-5800
Name: Scott Ross, LA Excavation LLC, Belgrade MT
Provided: Operated Heavy Equipment
Phone: (406) 388-0581
Name: Republic Services (Bozeman, MT)
Provided: Discounted Services/Bear Proof Testing
Phone: (406) 586-0606
Name: Jeff Pierson – WildLight Photography
Provided: Professional Photography Services
Name: Jena Nash Reno – Immaculate Housekeeping
Provided: Special Project Volunteer
Name: Mattress Mill
Provided: Bear Bed Prototype
Name: BFG Industries Inc.
Provided: Bear Bed Cover/Kevlar Material Donation
Name: Royal Elk Sewing
Provided: Bear Bed Cover Assembly
Phone: (406) 388-9780
Name: Haubrick Electric
Provided: Donated Electrical Services
Name: Cullen Tech Services
Provided: IT/Technical Services

Name: Stratum DesignStratumFB
Provided: Marketing/Graphics/Minor Project Construction
Name: UDAP Pepper Power
Provided: UDAP Bear Spray
Phone: (800) 232-7941
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