Hi, my name is Brutus The Bear. I was born at an overcrowded wildlife park in 2002, where my future was uncertain. My future human parents adopted me at an early age; I was about the size of a squirrel. Currently I am about seven feet tall on my hind legs and close to nine hundred pounds in weight.

Casey and Ami raised me and could see right away that I was special. I enjoyed a lot of attention and loved to be in front of a camera. This has led me to be in many educational videos on bear safety. I have also had small parts in two movies, Iron Ridge and Pretty Ugly People. I am best known for co-hosting Expedition Wild with Casey Anderson.

I spend most of my days as an ambassador for my wild cousins; educating visitors from all around the world about bear safety and conservation.

My hobbies are rough housing with Sheena, swimming in my ponds, foraging for treats, breaking stuff, and hamming it up for the visitors.

My favorite dinner is a large elk and avocado salad with huckleberry ice cream for desert!

Hi, my name is Sheena. I was born in captivity in 1986 with my twin sister Christi. We were sold at an exotic animal auction when we were cubs. We were purchased by private owners in Texas that had big plans for us, unfortunately those plans fell threw. Christi and I ended up spending fifteen years living in a six by four foot cage together. I remained in that cage for an additional three years alone. Christi spent those three years in a small enclosed cargo trailer.

When we were eighteen years old authorities stepped in and informed our owners to euthanize us or find us a new home immediately. USDA contacted Montana Grizzly Encounter to see if they could be our home forever. MGE dropped what they were doing and put together a rescue team and headed to Texas.

Once we arrived at MGE we were introduced to our new large indoor dens. It took Christi and I about a week to adjust to having so much space. When we were comfortable with our indoor dens, we were introduced to our outdoor habitat. We both found it exciting yet intimidating, it took us some time to acclimate ourselves to such a large open space. It was the first time that we could just be bears, to run and play, and even swim in a pond and all this at eighteen years old.

Christi passed away from leukemia in September of 2009. She was a special girl and is missed very much.

My hobbies include sleeping in, cuddling with all of my soft blankets, keeping Brutus in line, playing and soaking in my pond.

My favorite meal would have to be chicken with oranges and grapes, and yogurt for desert.



Hi, we are Jake and Maggi. We were born at a wildlife park in Georgia in 2006 but were unable to stay there. Wildlife Safari in Oregon came to our rescue when we were six months old. Wildlife Safari hoped to raise some funding to make us our own enclosure, because of our age we couldn’t be in the adult bear enclosure. After a year and a half, the funding just wasn’t there and they contacted Montana Grizzly Encounter. We arrived at MGE December 24th 2008 (we were two years old). We loved our new dens, however we had never seen snow before and were quite scared of it. After two months of being offered to go outside to play daily we finally gave it a try.. We loved it! Even the snow was a blast to play in.

Now we spend our time playing and educating people from all over the world about bear safety and conservation.

P1040891Susan pics 2012 011

Maggi loves to run, swim and throw things. She even taught herself how to make a snowball and throw it! She has hit a few visitors in the viewing area with her snowballs!!

Jake enjoys playing in the pond, laying in the grass sunning himself and of coarse playing with Maggi.

Favorite foods include elk, carrots, grapes, avocado, dried fruit, trail mix and ice cream.



July 2011 5619a

Hi, my name is Lucy. I was found orphaned in Angoon Alaska in 2011. First Sergeant Charles Hartzell saw I was very malnourished and close to starvation so he coordinated a float plane to bring me to Fortress of the Bear, a bear rescue in Sitka Alaska. They took excellent care of me and got me to eat and start gaining some weight. They also found me a permanent home at Montana Grizzly Encounter.  With a donated flight by LightHawk, MGE was able to fly to Sitka and bring me to my new home.

I now spend most of my days as an ambassador for my wild cousins; educating visitors from all around the world about bear safety and conservation.

P1060974cub in crate

Some of my favorite hobbies are swimming, playing with logs, rolling down hills and of course playing with Brutus!

My favorite meal would be anything, and lots of it!! Just kidding, but I do love to eat! I love elk, beef, chicken, moose and just about any meat. I also love grapes, cashew nut clusters and popsicles.

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